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Over 10 years ago we shipped our first dragon fruit across the Pacific Ocean to the UK. Today we offer a full range of exotic fruits & vegetables.

Tropical Fruits & Vegetables

We import a wide range of exotic fruits and vegetables, including dragon fruit and rambutan, to the UK market. Our trusted suppliers and farmers ensure that our product safety is of the highest standard which allows us to meet any retailer requirement.

Drinking Coconuts

We have recently had great success importing special cut, young drinking coconuts from the far east. These have proved very popular and we are now supplying them to some of the biggest retailers in the UK, most notably at Morrisons.

Aloe Fruit Wave fruit flavoured drinks

Aloe Fruit Wave is an innovative new drink from Asia which combines delicious fruit flavours with the fresh taste of aloe vera juice and pulp. Check out the full range of drinks now.

We work with many brands in Europe and the UK.

Download Our Brochure

Download our company brochure for free and find out everything you need to know about Dragon Fruit Direct and what we do. Simply click the button below.

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