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Dragon Fruit Direct imports exotic fruit and vegetables directly from growers in Vietnam. We guarantee the highest quality on many products, sourced from the most prestigious and successful suppliers.

We began trading in 2007 and over that time we have developed strong relationships with a limited group of farmers and suppliers, ensuring we only deal with the highest quality and best brands.

About Us.

Mike Dodds, CEO.

Mike's passion for exotic fruit was born after sampling his first ever dragon fruit on a trip to Vietnam in 2007. He knew then that he had to bring the fruit to the UK market, and so Dragon Fruit Direct was born. Mike has spearheaded every project since and is a pivotal part of the company's success today.


We are committed to give our customers a sustainable and technically compliant product. Part of the principal integrity of the business is to source product ethically and provide support for both the grower and customer, enabling product to be both commercially, technically and ethically sustainable. We have a commitment to the ETI base code and Global compliance criteria.

Our commitment for respect in the workplace extends beyond our organisation and includes working with all our suppliers nationally and internationally to support a fair and respectful workplace for all. Working with our suppliers and farmers we promote ethical principles and practices with the aim of preventing the exploitation and abuse associated with modern slavery and human trafficking worldwide. We also expect commitment to these principles from all organisations with which we do business and will not support or do business knowingly with organisations involved in slavery or human trafficking.

Our Commitment.

We work with many brands in Europe and the UK.

Download Our Brochure

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